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CHISE IS A MAGICAL MARY SUE MAGIC ENGINE, to put it in very basic terms. This means the following:

1. She's naturally favored by fae/youkai/magical creatures. In canon this means monsters either have a natural fondness for her or just outright want to eat her. If your character falls into one of these categories you're free to play with this (or not!) however you like.

2. She's constantly drawing (and storing in her body) magic from her surroundings! It's a very lowkey thing currently since it's being regulated, but also feel free to have your character pick up on this if you think it would be fun. (As a side note, this means her life span is super short, hmu if you think this is something that might be relevant to your character or whatever).

3. She has a familiar that she's soulbonded to, it's a black grim. Obviously he's currently not in this place, but again feel free to pick up on this connection!!

4. Sometimes Chise can see other people's memories! In canon it's typically under very specific (typically extreme) circumstances, but if this is a thing you'd be interested in playing with just let me know and we can arrange something!

CONTENT WARNINGS: Chise has a really shitty backstory and while she's highly unlikely to talk about it herself, it involves abuse, suicide, and selling herself off at an auction. If these are things you'd rather not deal with, feel free to leave a comment here to opt out of threading with her and/or not have to deal with those topics at all! Comments are screened and this is a judgment-free zone, so please let me make things more comfortable for you.

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Mar. 17th, 2017 03:03 pm
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